Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stillness collection for my graduation thesis

Stillness and serenity as natural sure it is, in a good day, you sit on the grass hill and sing liberally.

The design has heels which are cut as a destruction showing the bold changes compared with images of the former idea. They are solemn elegant shoes as a representative for the traditional rustic charming.

The design has a little coarse, heavy but it has the meaning is the state of sustainable peace. The wood, one of five elements, is the energy of spring, is the growth of the trees.  On the other hand, the imbalance of the shape shows the heroine spirit on the smooth elegant firm meaning.

Finally, the shoes are black painted in each layer. Its borders are carved with stylized swastika which is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles () details. In front of the shoes, shapes are rectangular carved borders.

The handles are embroider with images of  apricot blossom, bamboo, daisy and lotus which are in the most valuable quarter flower collection in traditional Vietnamese custom on white silk background. Most of them create a classical, simple, harmony beauty.

The design is directed to the luxury, monumental looking but it had the gracious simple charming of Vietnamese women in the past. At the same time, the design restores   majesty shades of Nguyen Dynasty.

The collection inspired from traditional clothes of Vietnamese people, all of them are designed impressively bringing the Vietnamese spirit and seeking a new abnormalities in the normal clear images.

From the isolation of a single individual to go to the warm, bustling, from the serenity of mind, spinning around in the confusion of mind, go to find another my mind  A personal style is not necessary to perfect. The difference eccentric as the strangelight, bright and dazzling, more attractive, more mysterious, became definitely not  the charm. Because, "the most beautiful is the most appropriate"
Fashion is not only visual contact or touch, but also a sense of the soul.

Fashion impression sometimes is mysterious charm, beauty is hard to resist,sometimes feelings are distorted, stubborn, demanding a look "generous", and a heart of fluttering .

Fantastic, sophisticated, elegant design which rarely people don’t dare to wear it to go out but it has power make everyone pay passion and can’t stand thinking about at the first time seeing it.

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