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"Dragon Land" - Vietnam comic

An exhibition of the comic "Dragon Land" was held in Hanoi on November 24th. This is a special comic about young people in Hanoi created by Dimensional Art, a group of young people in Hanoi, led by a Vietnamese architect, Dinh Viet Phuong.
"Dragon land" is about the lives of three young people group, including Vu Phong, Kha Di, Le Luu. The main character, 19-year-old Vu Phong is a first-year student of Hanoi University of Technology. He is nice, intelligent but a bit absent-minded but very keen on and good at Parkour (an art movement). Le Luu is his eccentric but brave friend. The only girl in the group is a fragile, sensitive with several special abilities. The story begins on a day in late summer when Phong met Di in a kite competition in the old quarter in Hanoi. Since then date, lives of Phong and Di have come up with many changes with various exciting adventures.
The comic introduces various cultural activities of young people in Hanoi such as kite-flying, flower shops, Dinh coffee, Bat Dan noodles, Church iced tea with roasted corn, bean noodles, shrimp sauce. Besides, the characters gradually venture to numerous prominent places of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ca Mau with different interesting discoveries.
The comic highlights the history of Vietnam with various cultural objects and intangible heritages, the traditional artistic heritage, the story of heroes who had contributed to building and protecting the country through a new and modern style so that the message is transmitted in a smoother, more effective way.
In order to compose the comic, Dinh Viet Phuong and colleagues have learnt ways to compose from many big comic producers such as Japan, France, Belgium, USA and attended several courses at home and abroad to learn experiences suitable for Vietnam.
Dimensional Art hope to make 30 chapters for this series and later adapt it into cartoons and games.
Source:CPV/ Photo: LD

Translated by Nguyen Thao

trailer comic - amazing (08/03/2012)


Begin this chapter is a pictures about the noises of Hanoi Street, I really like it. I pay attention to the  "dynamic look" of comic, and the drawing style is so "Việt Nam"   and young. I love the creative from the way to organize of the frame pictures until kites. Kites is very strong and creative. The traditional kite reminded me about my childhood's kite. However, in chapter 1, I felt that having two twice the Phong's look   is not exactly, it's too low or too tall. One more twice, in fact, I haven't like the look of the heroine in chapter one yet. But, I love this comic, I'm waiting and following it... 


In this chapter, he fly :) . Yezzz, Phong can fly. It's parkour. The drawing of eyes is simple but soulful. Next, the best that I love is the Lưu's story about the war in Viet Nam. It's amazing... 

I'm really excited with lively expressive characters and the perspective of this comic.
I pay attention to Luu much more because having some expression strange from this character...

I love the twins in this chapter. They are lovely and simply...

dat-rong-chuong-5-parkour-phan-2.chn ( 08 -09/03/2012)

awesome awesome ... this chapter. A comic parkour has making by youngs people in Hà Nội. Having culture, tradition, religion, sport, moden, ancient and moreover is passion. I impressed with the comparison between cat and snake. The frame that Phong was flying, yezzz, unbelievable, illusory rotation space, give to me a feeling excited...

Chapter 6 focus on spiritual touch of Kha Di. I still don't like the Kha Di's visual, specially it's her hair. I admire the way which the group author observed and "told" about Hanoi capital from many different conner differently. I enjoyed Kha Di's face drawing when she was entering spiritual touch. oh, Amazing ...this comic. I love it much much much. One of the most Vietnamese comic that I feel pround of them, (others: Thần Đồng Đất Việt comic, comic is taken source from Nguyễn Nhật Ánh's stories, etc.)

dat rong-Chapter-7-Sep-song ( 27/03/2012)

dat rong-Chapter-8-Cho-troi (27/03/2012)

dat-rong-chap-13/cuoc-chien-o-Hai-Phong (20/05/2012)

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